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Phang Nga is the modern Thai transliteration of the archaic Malay word pangan, literally 'jungle'. The phrase orang pangan denotes 'heathen, pagan, primitive people', in reference to a generalised tribe or people typically inhabiting jungle areas of the Malay Peninsula`{`4`}` and its offshore islands.

Historically, during the reign of King Rama II, nearby areas (including Thalang, now known as Phuket) were occupied by the Burmese and so many people fled to Kraphu Nga. In 1824 when Siamese troops defeated the Burmese and they were expelled, King Rama III renamed the area adjacent to the bay phang-nga. This bastardisation of Malay pangan offers indicates that the entire region may have been populated by Orang Asli or other aboriginal peoples. In 1933 the town was promoted to provincial status.

On the morning of 26 December 2004 the Andaman Sea coastline of the province was devastated by a tsunami and thousands lost their lives.

The Khura Buri District, particularly Ko Phra Thong, has been called a ``smuggler's paradise`` and thus a key entry point into Thailand for human trafficking, Rohingya, Uighur, and Syrian refugees particularly

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